User Interface

Automatic layout of presenations (including choosing navigation controls) with the option of presentation customization should be the primary way user interfaces are created and maintained.

SUPPLE: Automatic Generation of Personalizable User Interfaces

Supple demonstrates that idea very nicely (even though the particular implementation is probably not quite what we want).

ARNAULD takes customization in the wrong direction by "eliciting" (that is, interrogating the user rather than attending to them), but addresses the need to customize.

What we really want to do is allow the user to modify the presentation as they see fit and then we infer their preferences from those changes.

Another view on device independence:,

Many, many, tools

Java Object-Graph Navigation Language:

is a syntax tree drawing software intended to allow Syntacticians to draw complex trees using visual tools.

an Eclipse plug-in to edit XUL + Firefox Extensions.

Data Visualization

Survey of Topic Map Visualization (PDF)

Cartia Themescape wound up in Aureka. Interesting how the patent portfolio folk keep getting hooked on graphics for presenting information about textual documents.

Information Maps (PDF) from UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

Jeff Han's Multitouch




wikiCalc is in Perl. Java-Perl Library could help.