IFCX presentation at July LAJUG & OCJUG

I will be making my debut (meaning there are more ideas than code, but then that's always the case with me) presentation introducing IFCX at the July LA Java User's Group on Tuesday July 11th. There will be an encore performance at the July Orange County Java User's Group on Thursday July 13th.

TITLE: Jim White Shows Off His New Thing

(aka Introducing IFCX : Internet Foundation Classes eXtreme!)


Topics currently planned include:

There is also bound to be ranting about the Java GUI Trail of Tears, Open Source and Java, Java Renaissance, the Evil of Software Patents, and who knows what else. So don't miss it! Although if you do, you will have a second chance as the presentation will be videotaped.


Jim White (http://www.pagesmiths.com) is a software developer and consultant with decades of experience focused on GUI libraries & tools, build & deployment automation, networking, and embedded & portable devices. A long time LISP (formerly FORTH) hacker and Smalltalk admirer, he's been a Java fanatic since the JDK 1.0 beta release in 1995. More recently he's become an Open Source Software Business Evangelist, and is founder of the award-winning Darwine Project (http://darwine.sf.net). His pet project is PUP (the Program Understanding Program) and is realizing that vision through Semantic Web development in Internet Foundation Classes eXtreme! (http://www.ifcx.org).