Groovy For OpenOffice v0.3 Released!

This release of GroovyForOpenOffice is faster and compatible with OpenOffice 2.3. It also includes the full collection of Groovy 1.0 library JARs.

Get it from the IFCX files area.

Also this release is the first to be available through the OOo Extension On-Line Update feature, which means if you've previously installed this extension you can get this version by clicking "Update" in the "Tools:Extensions..." dialog.

I've also created an Installation document to help folks get started.

The Groovy_Samples.odt has some install help but the notes on how to write nice(r) Groovy macros is not yet done.

For a spiffy example of what can be done with G4OO, a verrry early POC of IFCX Wings is also included. It too is a little short on explanations but watch the for further development news.

Please direct questions to the IFCX GroovyForOpenOffice forum.