Solar Unicat

A self-contained hydrogen fuel system in a Unicat would be ultracool. The biggest, baddest Green Thing on six wheels!

Off-the-shelf components are available to do it with moderate cost:

Extreme Green RV Schematic

The Feds are on the hydrogen bandwagon:

Honda is moving the FCX to production:

Some high school students in Arizona made a solar hydrogen truck for $10K:

Another news page:

Green RV

I need to set up a pahe & category for Green RV technology. But in the meantime I'll comment on the Solar Unicat post.

This AutoBlogGreen item illustrates movement in the right direction: Ford Airstream concept: a shiny, hydrogen-powered PHEV funmobile. Not nearly as exciting as the Solar Unicat extreme Green RV concept, but a clear indication we're getting there.

--Jim White, 26-Jan-2007