Embedded RDF Demo

Here are two ways to see eRDF in action.

View in Piggy-Bank

  1. Install the MIT SIMILE Piggy-Bank Firefox extension http://simile.mit.edu/piggy-bank/.
  2. Go to Ian Davis' homepage http://iandavis.com.
  3. Click on the Piggy-Bank "Coin" to get the data.

A good starting point for navigating with Longwell on that data is to click "Person" in the right hand list. Scroll on down to "Ian".

View with the Joseki SPARQL on-line demo

  1. Choose the "General purpose processor" on the SPARQL demo page http://www.sparql.org/sparql.html
  2. Enter the RDF/XML meta link of Ian's home page as the "Target graph URI" (RDF source):
Notice that the uri parameter is just the URL of Ian's home page with URL escaping. If you have another page with some eRDF on it, you can put its URL in there.
  1. Enter the following query (which says just show every triple):
SELECT ?x ?y ?z 
 { ?x ?y ?z }

Also you could try the JSON output mode and save it in place of the "search-results.js" file in the GWT JSON sample. There is some bug though with this that causes the GWT JSON script to run in an infinite loop. In Firefox you can use the dialog that pops up to stop it and still see the result tree.

Watch this space for upcoming point-and-click demos.